Since 1970, Exel has been one of the foremost Finnish sports equipment manufacturers. To this day Exel is known for its pioneering spirit that has led to innovations shaping the sports as we know it.

Exel combines innovative technology with functional design to create an unparalleled line of products that keeps continually evolving to ensure uncompromised customer satisfaction.

With over five decades of great heritage to build on, we are looking forward to building the future success of Exel with you.


Winter poles: Cross country & Alpine poles


Exel was the first who brought carbon technology to ski pole industry! Breakthrough in ski pole technology took place in 1976 in Innsbruck Olympics, where 100% of top skiers used Exel carbon poles in Innsbruck Olympics. Poles in both cross country skiing and alpine skiing range are offered to the world’s elite group of athletes, to all the upcoming talents and beginners.

For winter 2021/2022 together with our professional athletes we have developed EXEL poles again steps forward. Made in Finland Avenger2 QCB basket system allows you to change your basket from smaller to bigger quickly and easily without any needed tools. Brand new racing pole ULTRALITE is probably the lightest ski pole in the world and offering great stiffness and perfect pendulum.

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Summer poles: Nordic Walking & Trekking


Our 2021 launched Trekking poles is offering numerous technologies like Antishock system and easy adjusting Trek grip. EXEL Nordic Walking collection is offering the poles from active Nordic walkers to beginners. Our Nordic Walking collection is carrying numerous product innovations, like the patented curve pole technology and accessories which are designed especially for Nordic Walking.

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The idea is to build team spirit within the sport and especially within EXEL poles industry. All people around the world are who is using EXEL poles are members of #EXELpolesquad. Either you are using Exel alpine, cross country, nordic walking or trekking poles, so there are already tens of thousands of us.

We recruit new faces for our #EXELpolesquad a couple of times a year.

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Story of EXEL

Brand EXEL was founded in 1960 by three chemists that began to manufacture electronic detonators for explosives. The name EXEL derives from the company’s origin, Explosive Electronics. Composite products were introduced in 1970 and Cross-Country ski poles production kicked off 1973.

Only 3 years later a massive breakthrough happened as 70% of medals at Innsbruck Olympic Games were won by using our light weight carbon fiber poles. Since, we have been one of the foremost Finnish sports equipment manufacturers. In 1993 we launched our first floorball shafts. Soon the sport and the gear started to develop in a resounding speed.